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Our rich experiences in the field of remarketing has enabled us to transcend across global markets to help our customers with 6”, 8” and 12” tools.


Korea & S.E.A

Whole of Asia

Through our own experience and partners, we value add to projects by providing comprehensive solutions with the following:

Over 200 unique customers in our network
Currently we work with over 200 unique companies including end users, refurbishers, brokers, fiance companies, laboratories & institution.
3 months average turnaround at OLV
We are able to disposition tools within 3 months at OLV at 75-80% of the time.
Better Sales Network
We typically maintain more than two contact points within our clients’ organisation to better understand our customer’s requirements and appetite institution.
Specialist in tough market like China
Fulfilling of compliance is a tricky issue, especially in China. We also stay current on export regulations, understanding practices involved in the transaction and environmental issues.
Accuracy to FMV
85% Accuracy
We achieve 85% accuracy to FMV, more often than not, citing realistic market value. We have sold over US$130 million worth of equipment since our inception.

Strong Capabilities in 12" Tools

We are one of the earliest remarketers of 12” tools in the industry.
We have more than 5 years of experience reaching out to our network of end users, refurbishers & users across the globe.
Till date, we have sold more than 300 12” tools.